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A study on translation of procurement terms from english into Vietnamese

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In the process of completing this graduation paper, I have faced up with many problems with lexicology, as well as the way to express my ideas. However, with the great help, assistance and encouragement from teachers, family and friends; I have overcome these difficulties and completed this graduation paper successfully. First of all, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Mrs. Pham Thi Bich Ngoc, M.A and Mrs. Dang Thi Van, M.A, my supervisors who have not only given me many invaluable suggestions and comments but also provided me with valuable materials.....











1. Rationale of the study

In the recent decays, English is more and more widely used as well as gradually proves itself in all fields in society. Vietnam, in the process of integration and development, especially after joining in WTO, English is considered as the golden key make us access to the world” s civilization. Thanks to translation texts, we can quickly update technical and scientific achievements, the international laws, daily news, works of art, literatures, films and conversely, exchange information, culture and trade to other countries in the world. Hence, it is affirmed that the work of translation also acts as a bridge not only to connect people all over the world but also to convey knowledge between cultures and civilizations in the world.

Translation is a specialist subject for students of foreign language major who begin studying from the third year with the theoretical background of translation before translating English for specific purposes. However, the students certainly face difficulties in the translation process due to not only the variety of

Vietnamese and English words, the differences of using specific English words but also the more and more appearance of new terms in human activities, especially terms related to Business English such as security, marketing, real estate, etc. Now, there is a field also related to Business English is facing to new challenges in translation of large number new terms. It is called procurement terms which until now English in this field has not been learned and taught.

Mean while procurement activity gradually becomes popular because our country has been attracting foreign investors and many international stature works or equipments under foreign loan or assistance of international loan. We often meet these terminologies on the advertisement articles of construction, notices of procurement in article or internet, and procurement laws. 10

From the awareness of the important role of Business English in the age, and with the knowledge after four years in university, especially after graduation training period, the researcher determines to choose this field as the graduation paper to study more on translation skill in English specific purposes and to improve knowledge about procurement field.




Part I: Introduction

1. Rationale of the study

2. Aims of the study

3. Scope of the study

4. Methods of the study

5. Design of the study

Part II: Development

Chapter 1: Theoretical background

I. Translation theory

I. 1 Definition of translation

I. 2 Translation equivalences

I. 3 Types of equivalence

I. 4 Translation methods

I. 4.1 Word-for-word translation

I. 4.2 Literal translation

I. 4.3 Faithful translation

I. 4.4 Semantic translation

I. 4.5 Free translation

I. 4.6 Idiomatic translation

I. 4.7 Communicative translation

II. Translation of English for specific purpose (ESP)

II. 1 Definition of ESP

II. 2 Types of ESP

II. 3 Definition of English Business

II. 4 Terms of procurement

II. 5 The characteristics of procurement terms

Chapter 2: Some strategies applied to translate procurementterms from English into Vietnamese

I. The strategy applied in the translation of single terms

I. 1 General terms

I. 2 Terms with suffixes “or”, “er”, “ee”, “ant”

I. 3 Terms with prefixes

II. Strategies applied in the translation of compound terms

II. 1 Automatic shift translation

II. 1 Rank-shift translation

III. Strategies applied in the translation of phrases

III. 1 Reduction translation

III. 2 Expansion translation

IV Translation of abbreviation by using a loan word

IV. 1 Acronyms

IV. 2 Intialisms

Chapter 3: Implication

I. Some problems in translating procurement terms

1. Misunderstandings

2. The difficulties in translating some of terms

II. Some suggestions in translating procurement terms

1. Some steps to translate procurement terms

2. Suggestion in translating abbreviations

Part III. Conclusion





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A study on translation of procurement terms from english into Vietnamese

A study on translation of procurement terms from english into Vietnamese

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